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Honing brush "LUCAS"

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Lubricated guide pins are used to hold the "LUCAS" floating calipers in place. Rubber bellows provide the pin seal. Damaged bellows will make the guide bushes inside the brake caliper holder corrode. This will restrict caliper guide movements and may lead to additional braking problems.

Use the ATE honing brush "LUCAS" to clean the guide sleeves to the bare metal. Due to the accurate diameter, the bore size remains accurate. This is best done with a battery-powered screwdriver at a maximum speed of 700 rpm and only in clockwise direction. The cleaning process takes only a few seconds.

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  • Customized diameter
  • Clean and true-to-size metal guide bush surface
  • Significant time savings


  • Degrease the guide bushes prior to using the ATE honing brush
  • ATE Plastilube is ideally suited for the permanent lubrication of cleaned guide bushes.


  • Maximum speed: 700 rpm
  • Clockwise operation only