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Manual impact screwdriver set

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Often the retaining screws of the brake discs are seized due to corrosion. Loosening such screws with a screwdriver can be very difficult.

ATE's manual impact screwdriver with bits for the most common types of cross head screws, hexagon socket screws and TORX screws ensures damage-free, easy loosening of the retaining screws. Striking the impact screwdriver firmly pushes the bit into the screw head while the angular movement generated detatches the crew from it's mounting. The manual impact screwdriver and bits are made of high-strength, industry-grade chromium vanadium steel.


  • 10 bits for all standard brake disc retaining screws
  • Compact design
  • Industry-grade chromium vanadium steel


Manual impact screwdriver

  • 10 bits
  • Hexagon socket: SW 5, 6, 10 mm
  • Cross head. PZ3, PH3, PH4
  • TORX: T-30, T-40, T-45, T-50


  • Always wear protective goggles and gloves when using the manual impact screwdriver.