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Handheld pipe flaring tool

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ATE's handheld pipe flaring unit is a low-cost piece of equipment for the quick and uncomplicated flaring of 4.75 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm diameter brake pipes to Shapes E and F in conformity with DIN 74234 / ISO 4038.
The thrust pieces mount on a bracket which just needs to be placed in the flaring tool. The clamping jaws are smooth (not serrated) to ensure that the brake pipe is reliably held without taking damage. The brake pipe surface will be undamaged when flaring is done. Brake pipe flaring as such is quick and easy by simply screwing in the spindle holding the correct flaring head.
A sturdy handle allows you to use the flaring tool underneath the vehicle. To facilitate flaring at the workbench, you can also place the tool in a vice.
Repairing and joining brake pipes (4.75 mm) is made quick and uncomplicated by using the 5 adapters and 10 male fittings from the package.
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  • Hand-held pipe flaring tool, complete
  • Vices for brake line diameters 4.75, 5 and 6 mm
  • Clamping jaws for flaring to DIN types E and F