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Wheel rim flange cleaning set 5

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The ATE wheel rim flange cleaning set is an ideal tool that allows you to clean rim contact surfaces quickly, safely and at low cost. It is advisable to clean the contact surface between the wheel rim and the brake disc before fitting. This is the only way to maintain the tight tolerances between wheel rim and brake disc.

The ATE set comprises a backing disc which has been designed for standard drills and a cleaning disc. It can be connected quickly and easily with the backing disc using a Velcro fastening. The cleaning disc has a long service life and can be positioned safely on the wheel rim thanks to the central guide. The cleaning procedure itself only takes a few seconds, depending on the degree of soiling.

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  • Fast cleaning of the wheel rim flange
  • Safe and effective work
  • Full-surface contact
  • Very good cleaning performance
  • Pin guide 


  • One backing disc
  • One cleaning disc


Disk external diameter 160 mm
Hole diameter 50 mm