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ATE spezial grip pliers

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The ATE special grip pliers is the ideal pliers for loosening damaged screw/bolt heads, nuts and studs.
Due to their special ground plier shaft, the teeth grip into the screw/bolt or nut to be loosened.
With the ATE special grip pliers, loosening "rounded" retaining screws on brake lines or bleeder screws is easy.
Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the joint, the pliers are suitable for screws/bolts and nuts up to a 20 mm diameter.

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  • Easy-to-handle device for anti-fatigue work
  • Ergonomically shaped grip
  • Special C1080 carbon steel for high performance
  • Galvanised for ultimate rust protection
  • Specially developed jaws, ideal for round surfaces
  • Extremely durable
  • Quick adjustment, no slipping of the joint
  • Hardened teeth for better and longer hold


ATE spezial grip pliers


Overall length: 175 mm
Length: 11,5 mm
Height: 7,5 mm
Weight: 180 g